Rayovac Sportsman Essentials® 8D Fluorescent Durable Camping Lantern


A camper’s best friend. This ultra bright (300 lumens) lantern can light up a 50-foot surrounding radius on high, or you can drop it down to low or nightlight mode when less light is needed. Batteries and bulbs are easy to replace, so you’ll always have a steady source of light.

Features and Benefits:
3 modes: 300 Lumens (150 Energy Saver Mode)
Beam distance: 15 Meters (10 Energy Saver Mode)
Battery run time (alkaline batteries incl.): 14 Hours (30 Hours Energy Saver Mode)
3 Foot Drop Test Performance (1 Meter)
ANSI FL1 Water Resistant
Lights up to a 50 Foot Radius
Easy battery replacement system
Extra durable rubber base and handle
Water Resistant
Lifetime Warranty

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