Tytan Foam Gun Cleaner (12 oz)

Tytan International

TYTAN Foam Cleaner may be used to remove any unwanted uncured polyurethane foam. It may be attached to most gun dispensers. The attached spray nozzle may be used to remove external uncured foam from dispensing guns to extend the life of the tool. The cleaner may be used on most construction materials or even fabric but it may cause discoloring or leave a residue. It is not harmful to skin in small quantities but it should only be seen as a last resort if gloves are not used.

Wearing work clothes, gloves, and eye protection is recommended. Use only with adequate ventilation or approved respiratory equipment.


Uncured Foam Removal 

  • Shake can well before using. Do not use in horizontal position. Insert the spray nozzle directly on top of the valve stem which is located on the top center of the can. With arrow pointing towards the surface to be cleaned, slowly depress the activator to spray cleaning agent. In case of delicate surfaces or fabrics, test a concealed area for evaluation.

Gun Cleaning 

  • Only use TYTAN Universal Cleaner in well-ventilated areas or with approved respiratory equipment. Shake can well before spraying or attaching to dispensing unit. Use TYTAN Universal Cleaner's spray nozzle to spray any uncured foam off the end of the gun applicator nozzle into a trash can or throw away material. Remove the used foam canister from the gun applicator and spray all external uncured foam with TYTAN Universal Cleaner. Firmly screw the TYTAN Universal Cleaner canister onto the gun. With the nozzle pointed towards a trash can or throw away material, pull the gun applicator trigger to spray the cleaner through the gun to clean uncured foam out the inside of the gun barrel. Leave the TYTAN Universal Cleaner canister screwed onto the gun applicator. Tighten the control knob on the guns handle so no air can enter the barrel of the gun. Air entering the barrel of the gun for more than 2-3 minutes will decrease the efficiency and life of your gun.

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